Now Change Your Color

It is dream for most of the people to make them white colored. Skin color is mainly due to nutrient Vitamin C. It is necessary for body to take Vitamin C filled foods. In order to supplement Vitamin C nutrient to the body, you should take its nutrient related foods.

Skin is dependent on retinol which is Vitamin A, it will keep your skin to remain healthy and strong. If you are feeling your skin is very slight and weak or not tight enough, then you should intake Vitamin A. Foods rich in Vitamin A are milk, Oysters and egg Yolks should be taken. It will minimize the effects of damage caused to skin. It also includes carrots, water melon, papaya, tomatoes and etc.

You should reduce the exposure to sunlight and pollution. You can use sunscreen to avoid whenever you are in out of your home. UV rays are harmful to your skin, because, it will decrease the body ability to repair old cells and create new cells. Pollution is the basic reason behind skin acne.

Use Skin Lightening Products:

Skin lightening products like Kojic acid will decrease the quantity of melanin in the skin. Skins whitening products contains toxic levels of mercury and use it after suggestion made by your physician. FDA is responsible for regulating the application of hydroquinone in U.S. and hence it will be highly safe. You should be care of exposing your skin to sun when you are using skin whitening products. If your skin is exposed to sun for long time, then it will lead to various problems in the skin,. You should sue suitable type of sunscreen and other skin protecting agent when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Bleaching agents will cause irritating nature to the skin.

Drinking necessary amount of water is needed for good skin condition. Blood will flow throughout your body and hence your skin will blow beautifully.

You should exercise for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and hence it will reduce the stress and make your body under detoxification condition.

You should mix raw sugar with oil and apply on skin surface. You could not use this oil if you are having normal skin as it will leave moisturized on skin.

These are all the tips needs to be continued to change your skin color to make it to appear it to glow. Ask the proper suggestion of your physician before using any products on skin to avoid any effects caused from the products.