5 Reasons Why You Crave for Baked Comfort Foods

 Baked comfort food is usually high in energy. They are also high in fat and sugar such as chocolate, French fries, and fruit. One thing that’s found in all comfort foods is that they give such a distinctive pleasure in order to make someone feel much better. However, what are the usual reasons why people crave for comfort foods? Here are five good reasons.

That Great Feeling 


If you eat food that is high in fat or sugar, then it activates your brain’s dopamine, or reward system hormone. For example, if you eat pie, then it will have a strong pleasant effect on your mood. It can produce pleasant feelings that will greatly reduce your tension. Unfortunately, this is the same principle that goes with delicious food that makes individuals obese.


Baked comfort food is the way to heal yourself. This is because whatever you do not like eating will produce negative emotions in you and your health may suffer as a consequence. However, comfort food will always be positive, physically and emotionally. Thus, comfort foods will most likely provide a lot of mental and emotional relief from stressful, negative moods. Just make sure that at least you’re eating healthy ones.

The Feeling of Belongingness

Certain comfort foods would usually be associated with friends and family because these foods remind us of them. That happens when we have dinner with them or when we celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays with family. Thus, when we get too lonely, these are the foods that we crave because they make us feel we belong.



Baked comfort food undeniably smells good,and there is something in scents that bring about emotions. Certain smells bring about vivid and emotional memories in you. These smells remind you of something good, something romantic or just something fun. In fact, some comfort foods remind us of our childhood. That’s the reason you unconsciously crave for them.

Special Occasions

The best time to eat comfort foods is during a celebration like a birthday party, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas. The idea here is an indulgence. However, during these special occasions, you usually find yourself enjoying comfort foods together with friends and family. That’s why you usually associate such comfort food with love, friendship, and family solidarity. Thus, it’s difficult to avoid eating comfort food no matter how old you are.

Some Final Words

There are many more personal reasons why you crave for comfort food. However, we have just mentioned the five most common ones. Comfort food is not just about the taste or the smell. Comfort food is all about happy memories and past experiences that are unforgettable. If there is one thing that is not included in the list above, then it should be your self-esteem. Indeed, food makes you feel like you are royalty. Thus, have your fill and get to know more about Bakedcomfortfood.